For those who have real faith in God but are longing for a real experience with God.


In the frenzy of building families, ministries, and businesses, how do we cultivate intimacy with God?

What if there was a way to discern the still small voice of God in the deafening noise of our culture? What if this was the place from which our leadership could emerge…

  • in our families?
  • in our churches?
  • in our work?
  • in our service?

The Transforming Center exists to guide pastors, leaders, and influencers, in establishing sacred rhythms to sustain their life in leadership.

Learn how to lead from your transforming selfLearn how to lead from your transforming self

A Transforming Community ® is a retreat-based spiritual formation experience with nine quarterly retreats.

For over 15 years we have welcomed groups of 75 men and women who long to experience God in the depths of their souls. Each retreat in this two-year experience includes substantive teaching on spiritual formation themes and practices, guided experiences with spiritual disciplines, and significant engagement in community with influencers from diverse backgrounds and theological traditions.

Grounded in Scripture and in the richness and diversity of our Christian heritage. Reclaim practices and experiences that spiritual seekers down through the ages have used to open themselves to God’s transforming work.

Create space for God

Each technology-free retreat includes extended silence and solitude so you can rest and pay attention to what’s going on in your own soul so you can lead from that place.

Make time to listen and respond

People change incrementally....over time...with the context of spiritual disciplines that open us to God. Each retreat invites you to engage a spiritual discipline, giving you time over the quarter to practice what you learned and integrate it into your own life.

All in a beautiful setting

All retreats are held at the Q Center in Chicagoland located with access to major airports.

Retreat Topics and Dates

Transforming Community 16 begins 2/25/2019 [Download fact sheet]
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The Transforming Community experience is a generous investment in your relationship with God. Over the course of this two years you will receive guidance for cultivating a deeper connection with God and the support to establish a way of life that can sustain it.

One-time fees
  • $50 application fee
  • $250 registration fee
    This non-refundable fee is due upon acceptance to secure your spot in the community.

Making it happen

Learn moreLearn more
Program cost for tuition, room and board


24 monthly installments

Does not include application and registration fees or travel costs.

Retreat Leaders

Ruth Haley Barton

Retreat Leader and Teacher

Learn about Ruth

Aaron Niequist

Worship Architect

Learn about Aaron

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